What You Should Know About Structured Tiles

Structured tiles are elegant and bring your interior space to life. From geometric shapes to rugged and rough effects, it could be any style you want to spice up your interiors. But, what exactly is structured tiles? Structured tiles are made from ceramic or porcelain tiles that’s why they are extremely durable and long-lasting. They vary in shape, thickness, and design. More often, structure tiles are made from natural stone like marble or slate

Over the years, structured tiles have been a trend for most homeowners. Most interior designers incorporate these textural tiles to make the design elegant and classy. Aside from that, structured tiles are versatile too. This simply means that visual intrigues can be created to produce a zoning effect in a room.

Due to their decorative element, they are mostly used as wall tiles. While some structured tiles can be used as floor tiles, take note that it may be hard and uncomfortable to walk on them. Specifically, porcelain structured tiles are used as floor tiles because they are more durable and subject to wear and tear. Here at Cairns Tiling, we offer different kinds of structured tiles. Our team can help you in selecting the best-structured tiles that will fit your style and preferences.

How to Care for Structured Tiles

Maintaining and cleaning structured tiles is the same as caring for ceramic and porcelain tiles. Some porcelain tiles will require post-installation sealing, it depends on the type of material used in making the tiles. If the structured tiles are made from natural stone, you need to seal them after they have been fitted. Whereas ceramic and porcelain structured tiles are more versatile and require less maintenance. Here at Cairns Tiling, we make sure to advise our clients on how to properly maintain their structured tiles to make them long-lasting and clean.

Is it okay for structured tiles to be exposed to water?

If you’re using single-piece structure tiles in your shower cubicle, there won’t be any issues if it’s exposed directly to water. However, here at Cairns Tiling, we do not recommend using Split-Face Mosaics in areas that are always exposed to water. The reason being is Split-Face Mosaics are not grouter and if water gets in behind them, it can cause them to pop off the wall.

Kinds of Structured Tiles

Here are some examples of structured tiles that we offer here at Cairns Tiling:


Glaciem is cut in different heights to make light bounce at different angles.


Madara usually has honeycomb and pyramid patterns. You just need to lay the tiles in linear formation to make an elegant design.


These structured tiles are mostly used in the bathroom. Suave tiles have a 3D effect that makes any space more sophisticated and elegant. It can be used on walls or decorative borders.


Patchwork tiles are decorative and emphasize your space. These structured tiles have raised surfaces and are perfect to use with plain tiles, glass, or other shapes.

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