The Dos and Donts of Picking a Tile for Your Kitchen

A kitchen holds a variety of different features and all offer a wide range of styles and options to choose from. One important feature to consider with your kitchen is the type of walls and flooring. As a space that often faces plenty of foot traffic and other elements, you will want a durable and stylish floor to handle them.

A more popular option for your kitchen flooring would be tiles given their resilience against elements like spills, stains, and anything that can go through a kitchen. While versatile in design, however, there are certain factors involved when it comes to choosing a kitchen tile.

The Yes’ and Nos of Selecting Kitchen Tiles

There are many different features that can be tiled in your kitchen aside from your walls and floors. If you want to end up with the most fitting tile that can deal with your kitchen needs, there are certain dos and don’ts that you will want to note for your list of choices:

The Dos

One of the first things to know when it comes to selecting kitchen tiles is that choosing tiles with a natural, neutral, or classic theme is often the best way to go. There is no need to overly stress on the design of the tiles as there are also other features in your kitchen to help it stand out. What’s more, sticking to these types of tiles can help avoid any “trendy” tiles that may end up out of style.

However, if you feel unsure at any point with your tile selection, it is always advised to ask questions and get help so as to avoid any possible compromise to the overall installation process of the tiles. Aside from this, it is always recommended to finalize any tile before any installation process begins so as to avoid last minute changes that could end up delaying things.

To help with this, you will want to consider subway tiles as an option. Subway tiles are considered as a timeless classic type of tile that is sworn by multiple designers and home decorators. The main advantage of this tile is that it can be paired with nearly anything, especially if it is in white. Whether dark, neutral, or light. It serves an outline and puts an emphasis on the wall paint, appliances, and kitchen cabinets. If you do not find this tile a fit for you, considering the dimensions of your kitchen and white kind of tile cuts would be needed can also help.

The Don’ts

Though there are plenty that you can do when selecting a kitchen tile, there are also a number of different points to avoid as well. As tempting as it is to be creative with your tile design, it is advised to not get too decorative or picky with them. Keep in mind that the tiles are essentially the supporting role in the overall design. To ensure a quality and stylish kitchen design, you will not want to be picky with your tiles; instead go for the design that enhances your cabinets, appliances, and other essentials in your kitchen.

In addition to this, you will want to avoid using a variety of tiles to create a design as it can either overwhelm the space or create a chaotic look. Should you want to feature your tiles more, using a natural stone or artisanal tile in a simple layout is recommended. Otherwise, it is also advised to consider different tile patterns as a way to balance the designs while creating a visual appeal to the feature.

Out of the different materials and features you can have for your kitchen though, wood or concrete floors are ones to avoid. While they may present their own appeal, they also present high maintenance that would be counterproductive for the kitchen. Luckily, you have the option to consider other materials like porcelain to mimic these materials to help.

What Are The Best Options

As recommended as subway tiles are for your kitchen, there are also other types of tiles that offer multiple benefits. For a durable, slip-proof, and water-resistant flooring, you will want to consider porcelain tiles as an option. Porcelain tiles have excellent finish and are easy to maintain plus are able to mimic other materials if needed. To match with this, you will also want to consider ceramic tiles. But if neither appeals to you and you are aiming for something more elegant, then marble tiles are the way to go.

Why Have Cairns Tiling Help With Your Selection

The do’s and don’t of selecting a tile can certainly help as a guideline in determining what list of tiles would work best for your kitchen. When it comes to determining the best fitting tile and ensuring a quality installation though, you will want to consider Cairns Tiling. With Cairns Tiling, you can be assured of experienced specialists that can provide quality services for any tiling needs.


There are plenty of options to be had when it comes to designing a kitchen. As a space that often faces different elements like heavy foot traffic or spills though, you will want a material that is both stylish and functional like tiles. While there is plenty to choose from, choosing a tile for your kitchen holds its own considerations like asking questions when needed and keeping tiles as a support for the overall design. By knowing what options and limitations you can have with your kitchen tiles, the better informed you can be on the most feasible designs for it.

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