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Outdoor Tiling

From your balcony to your swimming area, we got you covered! Cairns Tilers offers premium outdoor tiling services. Our tilers are experts who will help you in choosing the best tiles to enhance your property’s value. Your exterior design is the first thing that visitors will notice. 

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space, it’s best to consult our team of professionals to guarantee high-quality and long-lasting outdoor tiles.

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Popular Outdoor Tiles Solutions

There are a lot of tiles you can choose from – depending on your budget, purpose, style, and weather conditions. These are some of the most popular outdoor tiles:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in different sizes, colours, shapes, patterns and sizes. This kind of tiles is recommended for light use only. It’s better to use it on the wall than on the floor. It can also be used on stair risers. If you’re going to use ceramic tiles for your flooring, make sure it’s sturdy for outdoor use and sealed to prevent stains.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles can resist high temperatures - making them stronger than ceramic tiles or natural stones. It has a low water absorption rate as well, making it a good choice for your outdoor space. A little known fact is that porcelain tiles can be used as a substitute for natural stone and other materials.

Slate Tile

Adding slate tiles can give your outdoor space an elegant finish. Its modern and appealing look makes it a popular choice. Aside from that, it’s also hard, durable, and highly resistant to water. They also provide a naturally strong grip - perfect for frequently wet floorings or walls. Slate tiles have different colour variations you can choose from.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone has been preferred by builders because it’s easy to cut, strong and durable. Their colour reflects sunlight and helps in keeping them cooler during extremely hot weather. However, limestone is prone to scratches and can be damaged by acids, that is why sealing and proper maintenance and care is a must.

Granite Tile

Granite tiles are the most durable and strongest kind of natural stone tiles. They are also quite expensive. Granite is impenetrable to bacteria and germs. It’s also waterproof and scratch-resistant. It won’t absorb stain or oil easily, unlike other kinds of stone.

Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tile has an elegant style and texture - making it aesthetically pleasing. These tiles are highly porous and absorb water if not sealed. Sealing will also prevent the absorption of salt which will damage the sandstone.

What Is The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Tiles?

The main difference between the two is their design and durability. Outdoor tiles are often stones, concrete decking, or pavement. Outdoor tiles also differ on the surface – it’s more textured to create an anti-slip surface. 

Compared to indoor tiles, outdoor tiles are much more durable. Outdoor tiles can withstand harsh and direct sunlight. They can also resist extreme or inclement weather conditions. 

It is best to get assistance from a reliable professional in order to suggest the perfect outdoor tile for you. We give friendly advice and suggestions on what we can do to improve your outdoor space

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