Benefits of Hexagonal Tiles

A general image that comes to mind when it comes to tiles is them coming in square shapes. However, given the variety of styles and materials that you can choose from with tiles, there is also versatility in shapes. One of the different shapes that can help provide a unique look for your space is hexagonal tiles. With hexagonal tiles, there are a number of different ways it can be used and different types to help achieve it. Aside from its aesthetic, there are different benefits that can be gained from using this tile type.

What Hexagonal Tiles Can Provide

Hexagonal tiles are generally used for flooring or walls and in comparison to other types of tiles, are smaller as a rule. When applied with a coating, it is also called “tile-honeycomb.” If you choose to have this tile applied, there are different textures that you can select from including glossy, matt, and polished along with different patterns and combinations to go for. Whatever choice you make with your hexagonal tiles, there are different benefits to gain including the following:

Great for Awkward Spaces

If you have a space that presents a less than ideal architectural design to you, hexagonal tiles can help with this. A way you can do this is by working the design out from the centre of the room, drawing the eye away from any unevenness. With hexagonal tiles, you can also provide the room with a different aesthetic to help with any off shapes it may have.

Flexible Design Use

While a hexagonal tile may seem like a delicate piece in material, this durable tile type offers many options for different themes with its shape. Whether you are looking for something subtle or something bold, hexagonal tiles are able to provide different style choices for whatever you are looking for.

Functional Design Options

Another way you can make use of hexagonal tiles are as accent pieces for your choice of space’s flooring. If you are interested in having it applied to a commercial space, you can have it show anything from directions to various parts of a building through to the positioning for furniture, the area where the lift is or to differentiate space for various purposes. By doing this the tiles create boundaries that are defined without being harsh.

What to Look Out for With Hexagonal Tiles

With every benefit found with a type of material, there also comes different pitfalls you need to look out for. Hexagonal tiles may provide different design options with an eye-catching shape, but they can be a challenge to install. It can be a time-consuming process in comparison to other types of tiles and to add to this, hexagon tiles can also be high priced. If you are not careful in who you choose to help install them, you may also end up with chipped tiles due to how tricky their cut can be at times.

Why Consider Cairns Tiling

A variety of different professional service teams can be chosen to provide for different tile needs. When you choose to have Cairns Tiling as your choice of a professional service group, you’ll be provided with reliable professionals that can deliver quality results. Whether you are unsure of how to best apply hexagonal tiles or need assistance in meeting a design goal, Cairns Tiling can meet any tiling needs.


Hexagonal tiles are one of the more unique looking tiles that you can choose for a room and has different design benefits. Whether you are looking for something subtle or something bold, hexagonal tiles can help bring out a room no matter how awkward the space is and provide an enhanced visual. While time-consuming to install and less than budget-friendly, hexagonal tiles can provide a fashionable look for your choice of space and with the right professional service group, can be a hassle-free process.

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