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Commercial flooring needs to be durable, practical, and cost-efficient. Floor tiles are a good option to enhance the value and design of commercial buildings. In choosing a commercial floor tile, it’s necessary to choose an anti-slip floor tile to prevent accidents and injuries. Tiles used in commercial spaces are thicker and can withstand heavier foot traffic compared to residential tiles.

At Cairns Tilers, we provide professional and high-quality tiling services. Installing tiles in your commercial space is time-consuming and costly, that is why it’s important to invest in experienced and well-trained tilers. We deliver work on time and within your budget.

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5 Most Durable Commercial Tiles

There are a lot of tiles to choose from. We will give you the best tiles for commercial spaces considering their durability, strength and cost.

Carpet Tiles

This is used mostly in hotel bedrooms, libraries, schools, airports and offices. Carpet tiles are easy to maintain and replace. It’s an alternative and is much easier to install than rolled carpets. Constant cleaning and vacuuming will maintain its appearance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

For the past decade, luxury vinyl tile has been known for its durability and ability to withstand high-traffic common areas, and it adds an appealing look to your commercial space. Luxury vinyl tiles are commonly used in commercial kitchens, hospitals and schools.


Terrazzo is one of the most aesthetically pleasing tiles, it’s perfect for entrance hallways, airports, high-end hotels, showrooms, and luxurious spaces. It’s durable and cost-effective. Terrazzo is best for large and heavy traffic areas.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is slip-resistant, sound-absorbent and highly durable. It’s most commonly used in gyms or hospitals. It can withstand heavy traffic and is designed to prevent fatigue when walking.

Quarry Tile

Quarry tiles can withstand heavy traffic, oil build-up, stains and spills. They can last for a long time if properly installed and maintained.

How Do I Choose The Correct Tile?

Choosing the correct tile for your business is essential – but how do you choose the perfect tile for your commercial space? Here are some factors you should consider. Our team of experts can also help you decide on what is the best tile according to your purpose.

  • Public places such as shopping malls, airport terminals, and school grounds will need more durable tiles due to heavy usage and crowd traffic.
  • Is your commercial space frequently exposed to water? Pool areas need anti-slip and water-resistant floor tiles. 
  • Consider tile maintenance when selecting tiles. Especially if it will be used for public washrooms, hotel bedrooms, and other similar spaces – tiles should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness is also a factor. Grouts in commercial tiles make them harder to clean, thus not making them suitable for hospitals or restaurants.

Why Choose Cairns Tilers?

We have been offering efficient floor and wall tiling services for years. Our team is experienced and professionally trained to deliver high-quality workmanship. We are equipped with advanced and modern technology for our services to give our customers the best tiling service. 

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